Horoscopes: mercury signs and the writing process

Our horoscopes are based on your Mercury sign instead of your sun sign. Why? Because Mercury is the planet of communication and expression! Most places calculate your horoscope based on your sun sign, or where the sun was in the solar system at the time you were born. But, since we’re all about writing, we defer to your Mercury sign. It marks where Mercury was in orbit at the time you were born and is usually different from your sun sign.

Don't know your Mercury sign? You can calculate your entire star chart, including your Mercury sign, here.

What does your mercury sign say about what stage in the writing process you are?


Thesis–no one ever accused you of hating to argue, and what is a thesis but a formalized excuse to argue whatever you want? 


Understanding the assignment–you're the type of person who's not willing to start an essay until you've read the assignment sheet four times and your sources eight times. (Needless to say, you start your assignments a month in advance.)


Research–you're the person with 20 tabs of JSTOR open and three empty cups of coffee surrounding your desk. You only leave the computer to get up for more coffee.


Selecting quotes–interpersonal Cancers love interacting with other peoples' thoughts, and you're no exception. You're probably the reason some professors have a limit on how many direct quotes a paper is allowed to have.


Analysis–the part of the essay where you talk about your thoughts? Your opinions? Of course that's the best part! And anyway, you love to talk, so why should a paper be different?


Revision–of course! You're a born perfectionist, and if you could have your way you'd easily have three or four drafts before the final version of whatever you turn in.


Pre-writing–your favorite method is to write absolute nonsense for fifteen minutes to get all your thoughts on paper so that there's less work to do later.


Outline–and sometimes your outlines have outlines, so that your plan for your paper is two or three pages long all on its own.


First draft–once you get started, you're great at working on a project all the way til its end.


Evidence–sometime after research but before quote selection, you have a knack for quickly determining which sources you'll use and which ones are irrelevant.


Choosing assignment–this is at the very beginning, when you haven't even picked a thesis yet, but who cares? You're an eclectic person with a lot of highly specific interests: your real goal at any given time is to determine which of those specific interests you can somehow work into your analysis assignment.


Conclusion–maybe because you're the tail-end of the zodiac, or maybe you just like the feeling of finally finishing something. Either way, you have a natural talent for summarizing your thoughts.