5 tips for surviving the spring semester

Many of us are already starting to feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the new semester. The spring semester can create an entirely new kind of anxiety from the fall semester. Summer internships are approaching, and spring break plans are being made. Luckily, there are many things you can do that will help you not only survive the spring semester, but thrive.

1. Write down your goals

Studies have shown that if you actually write down your goals, you’re over 40% more likely to achieve them. If your goal is to study for thirty minutes every day, write it down. If you want to wake up early and work out, write it down.

Thinking about your goals activates the right side of the brain–the imaginative side. If you want your goals to go from “dreams to reality,” you need to activate the left side of the brain–the logic side. Writing down your goals does just that, and helps you tap into a new source of motivation and willpower.

2. Make time for things you enjoy

Yes, you’re in college to learn, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a personal life. Everyone needs hobbies outside of their job, and college is no exception. Work hard during the day, and reward yourself with a much-needed break when you can. Taking time for fun on the not-so-busy weeks will ensure you have the energy and willpower to make it through the busy weeks.

3. Get study help

Too many students are afraid to seek help when they’re struggling in a class, but seeking that help may be what determines whether you get an A or a B. 

Your professors are here to help, and there’s plenty of tutoring available around campus. One such resource is the Writing Center. We can help you with papers, essays, powerpoint presentations, dissertations, and more. Not to mention we can help at every stage of the writing process. Even if you don’t have a word written and need help brainstorming, we’re can help.

4. Move on

Work on being present in the here and now. Dwelling on the past will only drag you down. Maybe you got a bad grade last fall and it hurt your GPA, or maybe you had a falling-out with a friend. Whatever the case, it’s a new semester which means it’s time to look forward, not backward. 

5. Prioritize your health

Good physical and mental health are essential to succeeding in school. Try to fit in a trip to the gym a couple times a week, if you don’t already. If you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, or poor mental health, check out the counseling center on the third floor of the Student Union.

Taking care of your mind and body will now might just be what gets you through the semester.