Horoscopes: your midterm horoscope

Our horoscopes are based on your Mercury signinstead of your sun sign. Why? Because Mercury is the planet of communication and expression! Most places calculate your horoscope based on your sun sign, or where the sun was in the solar system at the time you were born. But, since we’re all about writing, we defer to your Mercury sign. It marks where Mercury was in orbit at the time you were born and is usually different from your sun sign.

Don't know your Mercury sign? You can calculate your entire star chart, including your Mercury sign, here.


You always use flash-cards. Need to memorize psychology vocab? Flash-cards. Spanish midterm approaching? Flash-cards. About to write a five-page essay about the fall of Rome? …maybe not flash-cards, though you’ll probably try anyway. 


You park at Aspen Coffee for six hours straight—supposedly to study for a test, but probably just an excuse to get coffee. 


You study for an hour for Midterm #1. Then you reward yourself with a break…by studying for another midterm. 


You study better in groups. You’re that one friend who tries to get everyone in your class to meet up in the library, although you have a hard time coordinating everyone’s schedules.


You can’t study unless the environment is just right. Maybe it’s a clean desk, maybe it’s classical music pumping through your speakers, maybe it’s a big bowl of pretzels. You’re very particular, although once you get started you’re difficult to distract.


Your favorite part of studying is re-copying your notes from class in a fancy notebook with painstaking attention to handwriting and color-coding. You are probably the kind of person who has a blog where you post pictures of yourself studying. 


You really hated writing essays at first, but then you figured out that an essay is just an excuse to make an argument for five pages, and no one can interrupt you! Now you’re hooked. 


You’re the kind of person who just memorizes the textbook or lectures from class, fully commits them to memory, and then proceeds from there when it comes time to produce your own work. None of your friends know how you can do this—it’s a Scorpio trade secret.


By the time you locate, organize, and copy down your notes from class onto a study guide, you already feel like you’ve been working for hours. You will probably try to pull an all-nighter.


You’re the kind of person who has already been studying since the concepts were introduced in class. Professors love you. 


You have a list of rituals you like to do when studying, such as chewing the same type of gum during the study session and during the test, or eating a spoonful of cinnamon the morning of the exam because it helps you focus. No one understands these rituals, but they work for you.


You bring a creative flair to everything you do. This means that when you go back to study your notes, there are more doodles on the page than there are things to study.