MBTI: making summer plans

With the end of the school year fast approaching, it’s almost time to start making your summer plans. What will you spend your summer doing? If you don’t already know, why not check your MBTI below and get some ideas?

Guardians (_S_J) love to be around other people, especially if it means facilitating peace and easygoingness.

A typical Guardian vacation might involve throwing parties, getting in touch with old friends, and celebrations of all kinds.


When was the last time you called your parents? Well, okay, maybe it was recently...but what about aunts, uncles, cousins? Why not hand-write some letters to family members you’ve lost touch with, or give someone a call?


Let some of your less conscientious friends take you on an adventure! Try not to over-plan - just see what happens when you let go of the reigns for awhile.


Plan a road trip with some loved ones - family, friends, whoever! Make sure to pack the essentials: a great mix-tape, road trip games, and lots of snacks!


You’ve been with your college friends all year, but what about your friends from back home? Host a get-together and catch up with some folks you haven’t seen in awhile.

Artisans (_S_P) are all about the experience.

Best case scenario means a summer full of exciting ventures--vacations, new hobbies, and fun with friends.


Spend some time by yourself in nature. Hiking trip, walk in the park, midnight star-gazing--anything goes.


Ever seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Okay, okay - don’t actually play hooky or ruin a car. But why not see what kind of fun you can have in a new city, especially off the cuff?


You may need a break after all the work you’ve done this semester. See if you can get into a new TV show, book series, or fandom, and take an emotional trip somewhere new.


Pick up a new hobby--preferably something artistic, like learning to paint or play a new instrument.

Idealists (_NF_) want to make the world a better place.

Many of them will deign to do volunteer work, or work at a non-profit organization. The ones who don’t will likely catch up on artistic pursuits.


You’re introspective and sensitive, so why not take a class in something you’re passionate about? Whether this means creative writing, poetry, or something entirely different – preferably something you wouldn’t do on your own.


You’re the perfect person to work with children. Find a volunteer position or job where you can make a difference!


You’re the kind of person who needs to keep busy. Why not pick up a new cause to thoroughly research this summer?


You’re a natural teacher - see if you can get some practice teaching a skill or tutoring.

Rationalists (_NT_) will no doubt want to spend the summer keeping themselves sharp.

Whether this means taking a summer class, working a job, or spending time with the hundred books they own is up to the individual!


Keep yourself stimulated and take a summer class. It doesn’t have to be related to your major - in fact, it’s better if it isn’t.


You’ll no doubt miss getting to argue with your professors. See if you can start a debate club with some well-read friends.


Dive into research this summer. (You were probably going to anyway, weren’t you?) Instead of reading for class, you can finally read for fun!


Face it – you want a summer job. But skip the entry-level positions. Look for something in your field, and you’ll be more than satisfied as you add it to your CV.