Horoscopes: mercury signs and book genres


Horror. particularly thriller, because you're an adrenaline junkie. You probably read a lot of Goosebumps as a kid.


Romance. Since Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, your attraction to romance novels is nothing to be ashamed of.


Fantasy. What's not to like? You're incredibly imaginative and you wish you had magic powers...mostly so you could text and walk at the same time, but still. Your favorite part about a good fantasy novel is seeing the way different characters work together. You probably love Dungeons and Dragons, if you've ever played. 


Coming of age/slice of life. This is basically your straightforward young adult novel: they're all about relationships, growing up, and life experience. You might not think of yourself as someone who likes books, but if you tried something you could relate to, you might get a kick out of it. You never know!


Drama. Anything where the plot drives the story and it turns out that the protaganist's sister was her mother all along is fine with you. You probably prefer screenwriting to actual novels, but are fine with anything that can keep your attention. And that's no easy task!


Southern Gothic. This is a bit niche compared to some of the others on this list, but this is right up your alley: decrepit architecture and sad, anguished people bemoaning their existence combined with a healthy dose of social commentary.


Science Fiction. What most people don't realize is that good science fiction aims to solve problems in society--most good dystopian fiction aims to point out atrocities that happen in the real world every day. Justice-minded Librans always get a kick out of discussing moral dilemmas to death.


Mystery. The darker the better, but you're even satisfied with a good detective series if it's written to your liking. You're the type of person who watches the ID Network and tries to guess who did it before the end of the episode.


Adventure. Like Aries, you're also an adrenaline junkie, but your need for the "good guys" to win draws you to more straightforward action plots. Indiana Jones is very, very you--but there's other stuff out there, so keep looking and see what you can find.


Psychological. Capricorns tend to prefer non-fiction anyway, so when they do read fiction, it's guaranteed to be something complex and thought-provoking. Texts that aim to explore human behavior, inter-personal relationships, or other heavy, theoretical topics appeal to the Capricorn reader.


Experimental. Sometimes you're weird for the sake of being weird, but your interest in the avant-garde is genuine. Prose poetry, choose-your-own-adventures, interactive fiction all appeal to your interest in the bizarre.


Magical Realism. You prefer to stay a little more grounded than your Gemini and Libra friends, but you love a little bit of magic mixed in with your slice-of-life. In fact, you're happiest when you aren't sure if the magic happened at all, or if it was a long, complicated metaphor for some aspect of the human condition. You also like books about cute animals doing cute things.